Dear SEDA-Partners,

With this update we want to inform you about the following two topics:

1. Used System - DrainLift

2. E-CAR focus


Used System - DrainLift

 This DrainLift Professional is in SEDA rental station.

After 1 year at a customer in Munich they get it back this week.

If you have a potential client for it, let us know. 


Get in touch with us, if you want to get more information about equipment, prices, extra tools etc.:

• DrainLift Professional

• Catchment areas

• SOG2

• Vehicle Trolley (2x)


• AdBlue Maxi

• HydraulicCutter RSU210 with trolley and mobile unit


E-CAR focus

 2020 is SEDA E-CAR year. You may noticed that they published couple of new products recently on their website.

This is just the start. In September they will have the 1st High Voltage Training for Car Dismantlers in our new Training Center in Kössen:

Later this year they open the first E-CAR Recycling Center in Europe, regardless of the car brand.

Interesting times ahead. Stay tuned!

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