We would like to reassure you that the stock of Industrieplan Ltd. provides you a secure operational background for a long time, 4-6 months.

We will, of course, inform you if we have any information concerning our work.


In the meantime, please contact us via telephone or e-mail, in order to limit the spread of the virus.


In accordance with the emergency announced for the whole territory of Hungary (Government Decree 40/2020 (III.11.)), Our company has taken the following measures to reduce personal contacts:


  • The number of office workers has been reduced to the necessary minimum, the rest of our colleagues work from home.
  • Personal costumer service is temporarily suspended.
  • We have reorganized the administrative work and the release of goods in our site:
    • Only employees are allowed to enter the office
    • We prefer parcel delivery over personal receipt
    • We can only release pre-ordered, pre-prepared goods
    • The warehouse operates with limited opening hours, from 9 am to 1 pm
    • Administration happens through the designated warehouse transfer desk
    • The goods are taken out to the transport vehicle by our colleagues, it is not possible to enter the warehouse
    • Cash payment is currently paused, please arrange bills in advance or choose the cash on delivery method
    • We request electronic invoice copies from our clients, and we also send the invoices issued by us this way instead of / besides posting them. – for this we are constantly expanding our mailing list

Thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation!


Budapest, 17th March, 2020.



Rezső Diósi

Executive Director


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